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Ohio Football
Topic:  RE: Ohio changing sidelines

Topic:  RE: Ohio changing sidelines
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  Message Not Read  RE: Ohio changing sidelines
   Posted: 2/6/2020 10:55:58 PM 
MAC rules state that the home band and student sections cannot be between the 30 yard lines on the same side as the visiting team.

This rule is common in most conferences.

How they will get away with students being permitted in sections 120 and 121, I'm not really sure...

I imagine that the 110 will mostly likely shift to either section 119 or 122, which one I have no idea. There is no way they will return to the north end zone, they would block the view of all the patrons who are watching the game while enjoying some Jackie O's.


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  Message Not Read  RE: Ohio changing sidelines
   Posted: 2/7/2020 9:55:44 PM 
Cripes, leave the team and the band and the students where they have been. For years we have read complaints on the board about how lame the amounts of cheering comes from the geezer section—the team will think they are the visitors with the thumbs up their arse noise level coming from that side!

On TV games without the band in the traditional section the cameras may consistently pick up huge empty sections where now at least the band is filling space. Everyone I have brought to a game has commented how cool it is that at an OHIO game the band has the best seats and surrounded by the students. Additionally, the teams run onto the field effect will be diminished with a short run out of the tunnel to the bench.

Not all change is good.

Last Edited: 2/7/2020 10:15:02 PM by MonroeClassmate

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  Message Not Read  RE: Ohio changing sidelines
   Posted: 2/10/2020 7:51:51 AM 
Pete Chouteau wrote:
Phillips Club seats are about full, so it would make sense to make the east reserved a premium opportunity.

There's no 110 box in the east grandstand. I wonder if they are moving back to the north end zone.

I've had a group of seats in the Phillips Club area for many years now. Around us there are several open seats (or at least no one is sitting there). It's not uncommon for people in other sections (sometimes the visiting team) to come down and sit in those seats after a game begins. Regardless, many seats appear to be open at least in our section of Phillips Club seats.
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Andrew Ruck
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  Message Not Read  RE: Ohio changing sidelines
   Posted: 2/10/2020 9:54:30 AM 
I took it to mean that sections 12 thru 14 are the only sections they have to worry about the conference rule of no students/band, an that sections 119-122 can still be populated by students/110 because those are not immediately adjacent to the opponent sideline.

Andrew Ruck
B.B.A. 2003

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