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Ohio Football
Topic:  RE: To Bowl or Not to Bowl?

Topic:  RE: To Bowl or Not to Bowl?
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  Message Not Read  RE: To Bowl or Not to Bowl?
   Posted: 12/3/2019 4:54:38 PM 
OU_Country wrote:
Continuing digression from the topic at hand (I love thread drift!):

Bobcat1996, I'd counter your comment by pointing out that it's probably unlikely that those non-D1 wins are part of the criteria the CIT/CBI/NIT committees look at for selection. To that end, I would hope no one would be excited about 2-3 wins were over inferior non-D1 opponents. Of course a fair counter to that is the tough games they've played on neutral and road sites. I would suspect that in the future, there will be fewer of those games.

I still think the measuring stick for this team, and most Ohio hoops teams, is what they do in January, February, and March. Only twice that I can think of in the last 25 years has there been an Ohio hoops team worthy of at-large discussion.

Agreed ... but the reality is if Ohio EVER wants to take a leap a be a program that is ever considered for an at-large ... they can't be playing sisters of the poor all non-conference.

And that includes multiple non-D1s.

This year's schedule is great. Reminds me of the 2013 schedule that had Oklahoma, Memphis and a few other good games on it. That was an at-large worthy schedule had that team won those games. They didn't ... and that's fine. Still made MAC title game with a chance to dance.

No Ohio team will EVER compete for an at-large with a resume that is littered with wins over Heidelberg, Rio Grande, Alabama State, Coppin State, etc.

That was Saul's way ... and I hated it.

Not sure how much Boals had in putting this schedule together ... but it's a serious upgrade. Unfortunately it comes in year one where they are super young and inexperienced. I'd love to see them play a similar schedule in three years when this team/program should really be humming.
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  Message Not Read  RE: To Bowl or Not to Bowl?
   Posted: 12/3/2019 7:35:38 PM 
Agree, Bshot.

When I see Rio Grande on our schedule several weeks into the season I wonder why Ohio isn't playing Marshall every year. UT, btw, is hosting Marshall in a few days after already playing the Herd in Huntington.
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