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Ohio Football
Topic:  RE: Miami Recruiting

Topic:  RE: Miami Recruiting
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  Message Not Read  RE: Miami Recruiting
   Posted: 2/11/2019 12:38:18 PM 
Sean Gallagher wrote:
L.C. wrote:
Sean Gallagher wrote:
Buckeye to Bobcat wrote:
ExCat21 wrote:
And we have the best walk-on program in the nation. Hands down!

+1. This is the hidden ace of Ohio football and if we ever move from outside of the Solich tree I hope we continue to maintain this part of it. Talk about a part that is vital for schools with our recruiting territory.

Good point. Solich went to the old Holy Name High School in the old Slavic Village section of Cleveland. The St Edward QB Garrett Dzuro's parents grew up in Slavic Village. I'd love to see him walk on at OU, just for the attitude he brings. Eds runs the same offense as OU. You can see it here if you scroll down to all his game highlights.

To keep this thread on point... He won't be going to Miami!

If he's tough, and he can't earn the QB job, keep in mind that Ohio has used former high school QBs at many positions. There is a long list of former QBs that have played WR, and some of those that come to mind are Mario Dovell, Brendan Cope, Andrew Meyer, as well as Cherry and Minter. They had a former QB at OLB a few years ago, Jelani Wosely. David Burroughs, the third string RB was a former high school QB. I'm pretty sure that some former QBs have ended up at DB as well, though I can't think of any at the moment.

St Edward QB Garrett Dzuro picked U. Mass. Oh well, at least it's not Miami.
He is one of the toughest kids I've watched in recent years.

Was frustrating to watch him throw on a rope time after time from the Colerain side but he dropped some absolute dimes in that game-just where only his wideouts could get them. Fortunately he is at UMass and won't be able to possibly torture us for the next 4-5 years at another MAC school.

Ohio-The State University

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Sean Gallagher
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  Message Not Read  RE: Miami Recruiting
   Posted: 2/12/2019 3:53:58 PM 
I can only attribute the lack of offers to his lack of prototypical size. In any event, he's certainly not small.

He was really good against a very good Colerain team in D-1 title game. But he was also good all year against top competition like Ignatius, Elder, Moeller, Mentor, Detroit Cass Tech and Indianapolis Cath Prep. to name a few.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out for him at U Mass.

Last Edited: 2/12/2019 10:03:15 PM by Sean Gallagher

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