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Ohio Basketball
Topic:  RE: Other Basketball Games of Interest Week 2 (11/11 thru 11/17)

Topic:  RE: Other Basketball Games of Interest Week 2 (11/11 thru 11/17)
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  Message Not Read  RE: Other Basketball Games of Interest Week 2 (11/11 thru 11/17)
   Posted: 11/22/2019 11:21:05 AM 
bobcatsquared wrote:

* Man, I love ESPN+. And with big-time college football/basketball looking more and more professional w/o true student/athletes, I find myself gravitating more and more to MAC telecasts and away from power conference teams and games.

I'm with you on the love of ESPN+. I've used it most of the days this week to watch some kind of college hoops. If you're reading this, are a college hoops fan, and aren't a subscriber yet, you really should be. Besides seeing all of the Ohio & MAC games, you can see probably 2/3 of mid-major basketball in one place all year long.

During the season, I follow a Twitter account called Bananas Alert, and set it to give me notifications. @BananasAlert will tweet out when there's a close one, and point you toward the TV Network within their tweets. An alternative is to use your sports app of choice - mine is CBS - and set up games of interest to give you notifications on close games. They'll pop up a notification with close games at the under 4 in the second half. I spend a lot of winter nights using the two sources and the ESPN+ app flipping from game to game.
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