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Ohio Basketball
Topic:  RE: Will Ryan

Topic:  RE: Will Ryan
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  Message Not Read  RE: Will Ryan
   Posted: 7/3/2019 11:37:31 PM 
bobcatsquared wrote:
Pataskala wrote:
bobcatsquared wrote:
Was Will well when walking westwardly Wednesday?

And it's "Nerk" with 1 "e".

Or as one announcer used to say in a car dealer commercial, "Newrick."

We won't wonder why Will was walking westwardly Wednesday.

And I get a kick out of how your Licking County town, Pataskala, is pronounced by some.

We went to a swim meet at Wooster (Woo-ster? Wuh-ster?) last year and the announcer called it "Pat-ah-skalia." Myself, I prefer Pat-alaska.

Actually, the phrase is "Ohio on the Charles."

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Alan Swank
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  Message Not Read  RE: Will Ryan
   Posted: 7/4/2019 9:40:01 AM 
And then there is Bucyrus. I remember channel 10 sports announcer Stu Klitinick (sp) calling it Bucki russ.
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