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Ohio Basketball
Topic:  RE: Official Game 18 Thread: Bowling Green

Topic:  RE: Official Game 18 Thread: Bowling Green
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  Message Not Read  RE: Official Game 18 Thread: Bowling Green
   Posted: 2/9/2021 3:22:37 PM 
OhioCatFan wrote:
Alan Swank wrote:
CatsUp wrote:
What year did Athens stop hosting the state legion tournament in those days? Our team went to the state tourney in 1971 but it was in Ashland.

Athens in the 60s then to Ashland for few years then back to Athens. Athens or should I say OU "lost" the tournament in 2010.


Thanks, Alan, for the details. I had thought that the move to Lancaster had occurred earlier than that, but I hadnít followed Legion ball nearly as much in this century as I did in the prior one! And, my memory is always suspect, just ask BTC! ;-)

Yes Alan. Thank you.
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