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Ohio Football
Topic:  RE: CFL Draft Watch Party

Topic:  RE: CFL Draft Watch Party
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  Message Not Read  RE: CFL Draft Watch Party
   Posted: 5/1/2020 9:49:22 PM 
playing for BC at BC place (name of the stadium these days?) would be like playing for Syracuse or Minnesota in their domes. I mean college teams. not sure if Minnesota played in the baseball dome but if they did.. and without the student enthusiasm... so pretty close...... and of course, I mean when Minnesota is 6-6, not this past season............. or maybe like playing for someone like Fresno state but of course they don't have a dome.... Syracuse is great compare. people don't care about the team that much these days. and it's a dome

vancouver is like Seattle or San Francisco.......... big harbour. not technically on the ocean but people think it is....... very landlocked by mountains, water and use border.... very liberal and yuppy... huge immigrant population. the big one is Chinese then East Indian and Persian..... I think 3 distinct waves of Chinese immigrants going back 100 years. I include Hong Kong immigration of 1980s as Chinese immigration. not the huge locally earned money of seattle/San Francisco.................. Vancouver is more stunningly beautiful than seattle/San Francisco. those cities are way more interesting and cosmo than Vancouver.......rains a lot. retractable roof

I see some suggestion that lions are very serious about Nathan at QB. maybe first backup this year or whenever we play next.

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