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Topic:  reply box missing entire top

Topic:  reply box missing entire top
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  Message Not Read  reply box missing entire top
   Posted: 12/10/2014 2:26:01 PM 
As I go to type a reply or start a thread the entire top of the box with FOnts. Hyperlinks, pictures etc is missing. It is still there on all the other forums I visit. I am not sure what, if anything i changed, but it is across all browsers on all my computers. I think my brain remembers it pre accident but I can't get that now.

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Ryan Carey
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  Message Not Read  RE: reply box missing entire top
   Posted: 12/10/2014 4:44:28 PM 
An update to Chrome over the summer broke the editor which allowed messages to be formatted. I turned it off for everybody while I look for a replacement which will work for the website.

Ryan M. Carey
BBA 2001

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