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Topic:  RE: The "college" vote?

Topic:  RE: The "college" vote?
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  Message Not Read  RE: The "college" vote?
   Posted: 1/31/2021 12:10:35 PM 
Bobcat Love's Sense of Shame wrote:
SVAC83 wrote:
Sometimes i wonder what questions pollster are asking people or how they interpret peoples answers. One of my coworkers goat call from a pollster the other day. They asked who he voted for as president he said Trump. They asked him how confident he was in the election results. He answered like was third or fourth choice which was he had some questions about some issues in some states. The next question was will you ever except Biden as your president since you think the election was stolen.

He told the poster he didn't think the election was stolen he said he believed Biden won but had some questions about the voting in Arizona and Georgia. the pollster told him he would be listed as did not respond to survey because his answers didst fit the model?

the poll was from NBC/wallstreet journal i do believe is what they said.

Saying "I have some questions" is just a diplomatic way of saying "I bought a bunch of snake oil from dishonest Republicans, just not as much as some other people."

These polls tell us a lot about the extent to which critical thinking skills have atrophied in America. Anybody who "has some questions" believes there's fraud. Just not enough to overturn the results.

They're still expressing a belief that fraud occurred, despite the complete lack of evidence in support of that.

What gets me are the Republicans who yell "fraud" in the presidential election when the Democrats win but not when Republicans win. I think there was probably more fraud in 2016 than in 2020. I'm still convinced that Russian hackers likely broke into some of the election computers in rural areas to change votes in key states and swing the 2016 election against Hillary. But there's no evidence, so we've lived with it. But the Republicans should ask themselves: If the Democrats had "rigged" the presidential election in Georgia, for example, wouldn't they have also "rigged" the Ossoff-Perdue race to give Ossoff a majority in November so they wouldn't have to deal with TWO runoffs in January? And so far there's no evidence of any widespread fraud strictly by Democrats (some of the proven fraud was by Republicans), and certainly nothing that would change any state's results. Republicans are still in the denial stage of grief. Some will get over it; others won't.

We will get by.
We will get by.
We will get by.
We will survive.

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