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Ohio Football
Topic:  RE: Rod Carey to Temple?

Topic:  RE: Rod Carey to Temple?
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  Message Not Read  RE: Rod Carey to Temple?
   Posted: 1/12/2019 10:20:27 AM 
Buckeye to Bobcat wrote:
Folks are right, our base is better now than it was after Grobe. There's 15 years of systematic building that has occurred in Athens and personnel staff who have been there in a while. The next coach would have an indoor and academic facility to sell. The big thing is getting a coach that understands the recruiting lay of the land.

Exactly. The kitchen is fully stocked for a new chef to come in and cook a championship meal for sure. Wasn't the case when Knorr took over. He had some good ingredients (players) but the rest of the kitchen wasn't great. The program is light years past that.
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  Message Not Read  RE: Rod Carey to Temple?
   Posted: 1/12/2019 10:30:52 AM 
bshot44 wrote:
L.C. wrote:
bshot44 wrote:
I think it's incredibly hard to make an apples to apples comparison to college football programs in 1950s to 2010s.

And yet, the more things change, in some ways they remain the same. When the program is dominant, it means they have good players, and that means that the successor is going to come in, and should win some games. The more dominant the team is, the better the players, and the better the success of the following coach should be. But, over the course of a few years, those players leave, and the new coach recruits players to replace them. That's where things diverge, and can take different courses. Note, that it isn't always true. Knorr inherited good players, and had a bad first year.

Note that the above is similar to the findings in that article, where programs tended to reach peaks or valleys 3-4 years after new hires.

There's so much more than good players that go into a successful college football program in 2019 compared to 1950s.

Find me a dominant program that hasn't invested in facilities, has a administration that supports them, national TV exposure, etc.

I'm not sure those things mattered as much in 1950. Recruiting wasn't nearly the same.

The game has changed. I don't think you can compare the Don Peden era to the Frank Solich era no more than you can draw comparisons from the Vince Lombardi era to the Bill Belichick era.

One constant in all this, good coaches win ball games. That hasnít changed at all.

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  Message Not Read  RE: Rod Carey to Temple?
   Posted: 1/18/2019 8:30:54 AM 

NIU set to name head coach

Report: Baltimore Ravens running back coach Thomas Hammock to be NIU's 23rd head coach

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