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Ohio Basketball
Topic:  RE: Coach Phillips' future

Topic:  RE: Coach Phillips' future
Buckeye to Bobcat
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  Message Not Read  RE: Coach Phillips' future
   Posted: 1/12/2019 10:01:23 AM 
longtiimelurker wrote:
Buckeye to Bobcat wrote:
bobcat 2000 wrote:
it is not entirely sauls fault we have the problems we have. ou needs tp leave the mac and the best conferences for ou to join are big east American and conference usa. ou can compete with teams from these confernces in football and basketball. the fact these conferenc3es offer more than one bid means ou can get more ncaa appaeances for sure.

This is either a troll account or someone that is 10 years old behind the keyboard. Can one of the admins investigate this account? This ain't the first time absurdity from beyond the usual absurdity has flown around.

Yeah sure, look over under the name. 2000 has been here 7 years longer than YOU. That is from a few years before the crash so YOU have no idea how many posts he has from years back. He (I suppose it could be a she) may have been a big poster that got disgusted as we have many of those from the pre crash days. If it bothers you skip over it like some folks do your posts.

Fair enough. Sorry, seems like the posts come at completely random times saying how we need to jump at the Big Ten. Apologies.

Guess I'll slink away as well then.
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  Message Not Read  RE: Coach Phillips' future
   Posted: 1/12/2019 10:11:21 AM 
GoCats105 wrote:
Sometimes the cards just don't fall as you think they should or the way you want them to. Most of us love Saul as a person and were thrilled by the hire. Going back and reading the new coach thread for him is fun.


His offenses play an exciting brand of basketball...when it works. Lots of passing, drive and kicks for open jumpers, lots of movement without the ball and extra passes between big men. Anyone who knows basketball knows that Saul can coach an offense. I think if you go back and look, his teams have actually averaged better scoring numbers than Groce or Christian teams.

I'm for one who thinks defensively his teams haven't been that bad, but my issue lies with letting teams go on BIG runs without timeouts before it's too late. And frankly, we haven't had great perimeter defenders outside of a few guys to stop dribble penetration, which causes bigs to get in foul trouble. And if Ohio's bigs are in foul trouble, they can't stretch the floor and give room for guys like Jaaron or TK to operate.

And we've had some great players here during his time.

-Tony was on an upward trajectory before he arrived, but playing in Saul's offense turned him into a MAC POTY. His last season was taken from him and it's heartbreaking to see what he could have been.

-Jaaron, who I still think is Ohio's greatest PG outside of DJ Cooper in the last 20 years (fight me), was a perfect catalyst for the team when everyone was healthy. Once he had to do too much, then we slid.

-Mike Laster...his development over 4 years was a treat to watch.

-Jordy is one of the best shooters Ohio has ever had, percentage wise and his ability to go off in spurts.

-Jason Carter is already an Ohio great and he's barely played 2 years of basketball.

-TK may be one of the best rebounding guards I've seen in a while and is ultra athletic.

-Role guys like BVP, Gavin, Jimmy G, Doug, Kenny, and Treg are/were good players for this program that filled a need.


Unless things turn around quickly this season I think Saul's tenure here will be a story of "what ifs" and that's unfortunate.

-What if Tony doesn't get hurt in Saul's 3rd year?

-What if Ryan Taylor doesn't transfer? (Can you imagine Year 3 with Ryan Taylor, Jaaron, Jordy, Tony and Jason in one lineup? My God.)

-What if Ohio lands a couple big names like Desmond Bane and Tyrese Haliburton?

-What if Jaaron decides to stay?

-What if the injury plagued 2017-18 season isn't as severe?

-What if Aaron Fuss sticks around?


But that's not how life works. Some things just aren't meant to be. I love watching Saul's teams, but for whatever reason things aren't going as planned. For a myriad of reasons and adding those things together may be too much for this regime to overcome.

It seems this year's team is still trying to recover from last year's debacle and learning how to play together. I'm hoping they get some stuff figured out before March so we can see what the group is fully capable of, but it's going to be a long winter. Here's hoping for the best, whatever that is.

Well thought out post. But the one thing I keep coming back to ... how much of this is on Saul?

I know he can't control the injuries ...

But player and coach departures ... I think if Saul had a stable, successful program those things might not happen? Same with landing big name recruits.

He looked like he was getting his feet under him in 2015 & 16 with back to back 2nd place MAC seasons ... never got over the tourney hump and into the title game. But since Jaaron dribbled those 4 seconds off ... it's been bad. I think that's somewhat on Saul.

It sucks. I was DEFINITELY on board with his hire. Thought he was exactly what this program needed. Really sucks it hasn't worked out. But for as much bad luck there's been, the blame has to be shared by him.

I hope whoever they find can restore order and put Ohio back to the upper echelon of the MAC.

Now ... in terms of your player assessment ... I think you can pump the brakes on Carter. He's good ... and has two years left to build a legacy. But I'm not throwing him up there with Trent, Cooper, Luckett, Jamerson & Graham. Hell ... I'm not throwing him with Simmons & Ford. Or even Leon. He's more Sanjay right now. Strong talent, but minimal results elevating the team or program.
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